Alexandra Daddario

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Alexandra Anna Daddario, born on March 16, 1986, in New York City, USA, is an American actress known for her striking beauty and versatile talent. She has become a prominent figure in Hollywood, captivating audiences with her performances in film and television.

Daddario's career began at a young age with guest appearances on television shows like "All My Children" and "Law & Order." However, her breakthrough came with her role as Annabeth Chase in the film adaptation of Rick Riordan's popular novel, "Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief" (2010). Her portrayal of the intelligent and fearless demigod Annabeth earned her a dedicated fan base.

Following her success with "Percy Jackson," Alexandra Daddario continued to build her career in both television and film. She appeared in the hit television series "True Detective" (2014),where her performance opposite Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson received critical acclaim. Her role in the series showcased her acting range and led to more prominent roles in the industry.

Daddario's filmography includes a wide range of genres, from horror films like "Texas Chainsaw 3D" (2013) to romantic comedies like "When We First Met" (2018) and "Can You Keep a Secret?" (2019). Her ability to take on diverse roles and convey complex emotions has solidified her status as a versatile actress.

In addition to her acting career, Alexandra Daddario is known for her advocacy for various social and environmental causes. She has used her platform to raise awareness about issues such as gender equality and climate change, making her not only a talented actress but also a socially conscious public figure.

With her talent, charisma, and dedication to important causes, Alexandra Daddario continues to be a respected and beloved figure in the world of entertainment.