Lainie Kazan

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Lainie Kazan was born on May 15, 1940, in Brooklyn, New York, United States. She began her career as a singer, performing in nightclubs and theaters before transitioning to acting. Kazan's talent and charisma quickly caught the attention of casting directors, leading to opportunities in film, television, and theater.

Rise to Fame

Kazan rose to prominence with her role as Maria Portokalos in the hit film My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Her portrayal of the lovable and spirited mother endeared her to audiences and earned her critical acclaim. Kazan's success in My Big Fat Greek Wedding solidified her status as a beloved actress and established her as a cultural icon.

Notable Works and Achievements

In addition to her role in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Lainie Kazan has appeared in a variety of film, television, and theater projects throughout her career. She is known for her versatility as an actress, seamlessly transitioning between comedy and drama. Some of her other notable works include Beaches, My Favorite Year, and Romancing the Stone.

Personal Life

Lainie Kazan is known for her warmth, wit, and larger-than-life personality both on and off screen. She remains dedicated to her craft and continues to entertain audiences with her timeless performances. Kazan's passion for acting and her love for her fans have endeared her to generations of audiences.

Legacy and Influence

Lainie Kazan's contributions to stage and screen have left a lasting impact on the entertainment industry. Her versatility, talent, and infectious energy have earned her the admiration of audiences and fellow actors alike. Kazan's legacy as a beloved actress and cultural icon continues to inspire aspiring performers and entertain audiences around the world.

Lainie Kazan


  • Height: --- cm
  • Sex: Female
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  • Birth place: Brooklyn, New York, United States
  • Profession: Actress, Singer
  • Nationalita: American