Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek's Enchanting Interview at BBC Radio One Studio

A Day of Charisma and Conversations with the Timeless Actress

22.09.2012 08:00, 2362 Views, Posted under Celebrities

Salma Hayek, the timeless actress celebrated for her talent and beauty, graced the BBC Radio One Studio in London on September 10, 2012, for an enchanting interview. Join us as we revisit Salma Hayek's charismatic day at this notable studio, celebrating her captivating presence and her engaging conversations on the airwaves.

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Salma Hayek Takes to the Streets of New York City

Exploring the Actress's Chic Urban Outing

24.08.2012 16:00, 2812 Views, Posted under Celebrities

Explore Salma Hayek's stylish stroll through the streets of New York City. This article captures moments of the acclaimed actress's urban outing, showcasing her fashionable ensemble and providing insights into her day in the city.

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Salma Hayek Shines at the Hollywood Premiere of Savages

A Captivating Night in Tinseltown

27.06.2012 21:15, 4656 Views, Posted under Premieres

Beautiful Mexican/American actress Salma Hayek was at the Hollywood premiere for movie Savages. The premiere was on 25th June 2012 in the city of Los Angeles. Salma Hayek had a role in this movie as Elena. Savages in a crime - thriller movie directed by Oliver Stone. The film is about the girl who was kidnapped and they try to rescue her.

Hollywood premieres are legendary for their glitz and glamour, and the premiere of the movie 'Savages' was no exception. The star-studded event, featuring the radiant Salma Hayek, was a night to remember. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the memorable Hollywood premiere of 'Savages' and the luminous presence of Salma Hayek.

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